The International Camelid Quarterly is a full color, high-quality, Camelid specific magazine totally independent of any political influences.

CQ concentrates its efforts on the development of the camelid industry as a whole:
- the education of its members
- expanding awareness of the breeds
- promotion of individual breeders & animals
- encouraging sound, honest business practices
- providing reliable information from reputable sources
- providing a venue for sharing information
- listening and then acting, wherever possible, to advance the industry.
Editorial content is robust, timely and sometimes controversial. Open and diverse editorial comes from the direct involvement of the Camelid industry. Politics and personal agendas are avoided in order to provide unbiased assistance to the readership.

CQ also maintains a library of our previously published articles, Calendar of Events, Camelid Classifieds, Camelid Herdsire Directory, Camelid Marketplace, Camelid Club and Association Directory, all on-line. Event posting, classifieds and club/association listings are absolutely free of charge and open to input by anyone in the industry.

Advertisers in the International Camelid Quarterly benefit from a wide subscription based distribution and targeted, qualified, readership. CQ is now read in more than 14 countries world-wide. Distribution is primarily throughout the United States and Canada. CQ distribution continues to grow internationally with subscribers in South America, Great Britain, Australasia and Europe.